Enrollment FAQ

GAGE is an energy supplier licensed currently in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Maine (electric only) to provide electricity and natural gas to residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial customers.

No, you will still be charged the delivery portion of your bill from your local utility, but you will be charged GAGE’s supply price instead of the local utility supply price.

In a deregulated energy market, customers have the opportunity to shop for electric and/or natural gas suppliers to pick the best rate. GAGE is proud of our low-cost rates that provide consistency and protection from price spikes in the market. To find what your electric and/or natural gas rates would be with us please visit our Enroll Now tab and enter your zip code. The enrollment process is quick and easy and takes less than 5 minutes!

Currently GAGE only provides a fixed rate to residential customers.

You can check your utility supply price by looking at your bill under supply charges, note that your utility supply price will change monthly unlike Great American Gas and Electric. Below is an image of a sample Con Edison bill with the supply charges in section 12.

To enroll your account with us you just need to go to our Enroll Now tab and enter your zip code and residence type. You will be prompted to confirm your local utility and then our pricing options of a 12-month or 24-month contract will appear. Click on the option you would like and fill out the rest of your information below or upload a picture of your utility bill. Once all the information is entered click submit!

GAGE will be your new supplier effective the contract start date and charges from us will be applied generally within the next billing cycle of your utility.

You may contact us to cancel your contract with GAGE but note that early termination fees may apply.

Constellation Gas Customers Notice

On May 28, 2024, Great American Gas & Electric (“GAGE”) and Constellation, LLC finalized an asset purchase whereby Constellations’ Natural Gas customers in Massachusetts will be transferred to GAGE starting in July 2024 (“Assignment”.

Please review the FAQs page for additional information on how this may affect your existing natural gas account with Constellation.


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